" Forces of Nature "

  Download a PDF version of an excerpt from  the book "Gentile" describing the artist's "Forces of Nature" project. Forces of Nature is an ongoing work in progress creating works realized on four continents using nature as the primary creator of these  somtimes monumental works, "guided by the hand of nature".
 These environmental works have been manifested in conditions as diverse as the frozen Swedish tundra, to the volcanic islands of Indonesia, and the deserts of Queensland Australia, often in collaboration with local artists.
Forces of Nature:

In an ongoing work began in early 2001, the artist is involved in the process of collecting “footprints” of various locations around the globe.
 In New York City, he spread a blank canvas on a busy street, collecting the tire tracks, footprints; doucmenting the passage of a typical New York day. These enviornmental works carry a subtle message that the forces of nature are greater than those of man, and should be respected and preserved at any cost. These methods serve to convey that message, as not only a call for ecological preservation, but a reverence for the effects of natural degradation and the continual cycle of transformation that is taking place in the universe., ie., the law of change.
This Taoist law states that the only unchanging principal in the universe is that everything that exists is in a constant state of change.